Re: Forms for invisible ZWJ (and ZWNJ)

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Date: Wed Jan 19 2005 - 07:02:46 CST

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    ZWJ is an invisible letter. However, there *are* fonts in the world made for
    test purposes that depict some Unicode characters differently from their
    intended use. For example, non-spacing diacritical marks in these fonts are
    spacing, and show the accents over or under a dotted circle. In these fonts,
    control characters and characters such as ZWJ are visible as well. The
    purpose of these fonts is to provide some "placebo" visual representation to
    concepts that in reality are supposed to be invisible. Because it is
    sometimes difficult to explain to people the different between air and air.


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    > Unicode 4.0 Chapter 9.1 Page 223 states "The ZERO WIDTH JOINER denotes
    > a nonvisible letter..". The standard itself shows the shape of ZWJ
    > as the letters ZWJ within a dotted box. Fonts from Microsoft Typography
    > depict it as a Magic wand.
    > The Unicode standard seems to imply that the display of ZWJ should
    > not be visible at all. If it is displayed as a visible sign, then
    > production shaping software would have to use the ZWJ for shaping
    > and then expunge the ZWJ. Won't it be better to make it invisible
    > so that we need not worry about expunging it.
    > For testing purpose, a visible form is better as otherwise it may
    > be difficult to track down shaping curiosities with invisible players.
    > Vinod Kumar
    > Project IndiX

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