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Date: Thu Jan 20 2005 - 07:42:54 CST

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    I'm not revisionist, just ignorant. I didn't know that then; now I do. Thanks
    for the info.

    PS. Hans - see what I mean about my making a fool of myself? It happens. :-)

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    > I enjoy slagging off Microsoft as much as anyone, but this is really out of
    > place here. Microsoft did not invent the BOM. Rather, they correctly
    > implemented the Unicode Standard. If the Unicode Standard were different in
    > this regard, I'm sure that MS text files would follow suit.

    This is slightly revisionist. Long, long ago there were only big-endian
    encoding schemes with the BOM available to help detect problems. Microsoft
    insisted on writing datafiles on Intel platforms in a little-endian format.
    Once this practice was entrenched, the standard renamed the old defined
    practice as big-endian, documented the little-endian version and created a
    third with the BOM at the beginning to let people cope with finding either.


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