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Date: Fri Jan 28 2005 - 13:31:32 CST

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    > What is the official name and country code for Scotland?

    I doesn't have one; it's a kingdom within the United Kingdom, code GB.

    The British Standard BS 6879 uses SCT which is sometimes used combined with
    the ISO code to form GB-SCT (in the style of the ISO 3166-2 codes, but not
    actually a 3166-2 code - I've a notion this is in the latest draft though,
    but I don't have a copy to hand to check), ISO 3166-2 codes are given for
    council areas within Scotland:

    GB-ABE Aberdeen
    GB-ABD Aberdeenshire
    GB-ANS Angus
    GB-AGB Argyll and Bute
    GB-CLK Clackmannanshire
    GB-DGY Dumfries and Galloway
    GB-DND Dundee
    GB-EAY East Ayrshire
    GB-EDU East Dunbartonshire
    GB-ELN East Lothian
    GB-ERW East Renfrewshire
    GB-EDH Edinburgh
    GB-ELS Eilean Siar
    GB-FAL Falkirk
    GB-FIF Fife
    GB-GLG Glasgow
    GB-HLD Highland
    GB-IVC Inverclyde
    GB-NAY North Ayrshire
    GB-NLK North Lanarkshire
    GB-ORK Orkney Islands
    GB-PKN Perth and Kinross
    GB-MLN Midlothian
    GB-MRY Moray
    GB-RFW Renfrewshire
    GB-SCB Scottish Borders, The
    GB-ZET Shetland Islands
    GB-SAY South Ayrshire
    GB-SLK South Lanarkshire
    GB-STG Stirling
    GB-WDU West Dunbartonshire
    GB-WLN West Lothian

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