RE: Surrogate points

From: D. Starner (
Date: Tue Feb 01 2005 - 17:49:17 CST

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    "Lars Kristan" writes:

    > Things that would fill up the
    > codepoints would be:
    > * Artificial scripts, like Klingon
    > * Formatting (escape) codes
    > * An alien race
    > Unicode doesn't encode the first two,

    Unicode actually does encode artificial scripts; look at Deseret and
    Shavian. Tengwar and Cirth are roadmapped, along with few more. The
    only rule is that they actually have to be used. It's not like artifical
    scripts will fill up the codespace, anyway; the Conscript registry fills
    the private use area plus one 2100-character script and one precomposed
    script that wouldn't be encoded that way in Unicode. There's more conscripts
    out there on the web, but I suspect they could all be fitted into the
    Private Use Area. In any case, Klingon was one of the stronger cases for
    encoding; most of these scripts have probably never been used to
    communicate between two people.

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