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From: John Hudson (
Date: Fri Feb 04 2005 - 15:14:52 CST

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    Hans Aberg wrote:

    > If the
    > description I got was right, that Unicode tries to enforce that Arabic
    > numbers should not be represented in the order they are written and read,
    > but in reverse...

    It might be a good idea to confirm whether the description is right *before* making public
    criticisms. I'm not aware of anything in Unicode that enforces what you claim.

    If you are talking specifically about conventions in Arabic mathematics, as distinct from
    typical layout of Arabic numerals in text, then one must assume some level of layout above
    and beyond what is normal for Arabic text, just as one must assume a math handler for
    European mathematics. When Unicode characters make their way into such a system, the maths
    handler usually -- and necessarily -- takes control of virtually all aspects of layout,
    because the conventions involved are so far removed from normal text layout. At that
    point, whatever Unicode specifies beyond the character code is moot.

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