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From: Jon Hanna (
Date: Fri Feb 04 2005 - 18:53:50 CST

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    Hans, your wilful ignorance has been amusing, and when you ended up out of
    my killfile (because I'd wiped my rather messy email rules to rebuild them
    from scratch) I left you out for entertainment value.

    I haven't made up my mind whether you really are as stupid as you appear, or
    if it's all a ruse for your own entertainment, but you danced for me like a
    monkey when I was too busy for real list correspondence but needed a few
    minutes diversion from time to time to maintain stamina in an hectic week.

    As thanks before you go back on the killfile I offer the advice that if you
    aren't just taking the mickey you should perhaps try to learn something
    about Unicode. There are plenty of tutorials around (I have made my own
    modest effort in that regard and so have many others) but if you actually
    plan to comment on Unicode you should read the Unicode standard itself, and
    the associated technical reports and standard annexes. It's a fairly easy
    read as standards go though often the devil is in the details. Generally I'd
    advise newbies to read the first 5 chapters, the chapters on scripts they
    use themselves and on special characters and then to read the rest at their
    leisure. In your case I'd suggest you could at least try to work on reading
    the list of authors on the title page and then build on that start.

    Really, a passing acquaintance of the basics really are a pre-requisite for
    trying to re-write the standards. (Honest questions that aren't in the FAQ
    are of course another matter).


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