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From: Neil Harris (
Date: Fri Feb 11 2005 - 12:26:38 CST

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    Dean Snyder wrote:

    >Adam Twardoch wrote at 4:31 PM on Friday, February 11, 2005:
    >>This is so anti-i18n. The idea behind IDN was to stop the hegemony of the
    >>Latin script in domain names. Solutions that prevent the spoofs should not
    >>again start building up the "our people vs. foreign people" way of thinking.
    >I agree completely, that's why I suggested 2 things:
    >* disallow mixed script domain names
    >* disallow single script domain names visually similar to names in other
    >Neither of these rules favors any particular script (discounting the head
    >start ASCII domain names have). So whichever script system is first used
    >for the domain name that looks like ""
    >will have an exclusive lock on that domain name and ANY OTHERS THAT LOOK
    >LIKE IT are disallowed. This is analogous to trademark law. And in
    >response to an earlier post - obviously this would have to be a human-
    >maintained list of look-alike characters.
    >Dean A. Snyder
    I'm working on exactly this approach right now on the Mozilla bug list.
    Unfortunately, many people on that list have only a limited
    understanding of the issues involved, and are taking their cue from the
    IDN standards, not realizing how broken they are, and how that
    brokenness, together with the unwillingness of registries to follow even
    the rules put in place by IANA, is the root cause of all of the problems
    we have now.

    I would appreciate it if members of this list could make their views
    known in the appropriate circles, as I believe that there is work being
    done at the moment in the registry community to try to re-think some of
    the design decisions, and to officially endorse measures such as this.


    Neil Harris

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