Re: IDN problem.... :(

From: Adam Twardoch (
Date: Fri Feb 11 2005 - 13:05:14 CST

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    From: "Doug Ewell" <>

    > See, those two look identical in Arial Unicode MS, font size "Smaller,"
    > and probably in every other sans-serif font as well.

    You're fast at making presumptions.

    There are sanserif fonts where I and l look different (e.g. Verdana) and
    such where they look the same (e.g. Arial). Obviously, the latter are not
    suitable for displaying URLs.

    > Nobody is going to set the font for these displays
    > to 14-point Times, and the spoofers know it.

    That's not necessary. It's enough to use a font that was designed for
    purposes of information design. Windows includes a sufficient number of such
    fonts, e.g. Tahoma and Verdana.


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