Re: IDN problem.... :(

From: Mark E. Shoulson (
Date: Sat Feb 12 2005 - 19:54:43 CST

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    Mark Leisher wrote:

    > Perhaps I missed it - these discussions can get tedious and I
    > sometimes avoid tedium through the holy power of the Delete key - but
    > has anyone proposed addressing this by asking browsers to prominently
    > announce the punycode URL when the mouse gets near a URL?
    > The first time a URL is seen, provide a drop-down list of homographic
    > variants to choose from and let the user determine the valid version.
    > The chosen form is then used by default from then on.

    Um, this is actually a very *good* idea, I think. If I'm about to click
    on "" and my browser shows me (on the status line, where I
    always look, or else in a tooltip) that I'm about to go to, that probably is a pretty good warning. It won't be
    perfect, and won't catch, say, using non-Latin characters from one
    script to spoof those in another non-Latin, but even if people know
    little about Punycode, they ought to be able to see that the URL doesn't
    look right.


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