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Date: Tue Feb 15 2005 - 06:10:21 CST

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    On 15/02/2005 11:06, Michael Everson wrote:

    > At 18:50 -0500 2005-02-14, Patrick Andries wrote:
    >> While reviewing confusables between in the Greek/Latin set, I fell on
    >> U+03F3 j GREEK LETTER YOT.
    >> Does somebody know what this letter is used for ?
    > Yes. Linguistics. [j].

    Surely not, or at least only if qualified by the word "Greek". The IPA j
    is surely a normal Latin j, although pronounced as in German rather than
    as in English.

    Greek YOT is a rather different animal, see As is written there:

    > The real reason why the yot is there is to do with Unicode's attitude
    > to script mixing, which I discuss elsewhere.

    - with a link to, which
    discusses issues like Kurdish Q and W and mentions Wakhi as another
    script mixing language - also Byzantine Greek. (But the page title is
    unfortunate although amusing: the Wakhi people are not Kurds.) Well, it
    does seem inconsistent that Unicode has accepted yot as a character to
    avoid script mixing in Greek phonetics, but allows script mixing in
    Latin-based IPA phonetics, as well as in general use in Kurdish and
    Wakhi. That doesn't seem very consistent to me.

    >> Does a capital version of this letter (Ll category) exist ?
    > It isn't encoded, if that is what you are asking. In my view, casing
    > scripts should not have orphans like this. The existence of case pairs
    > is implied by the casing nature of the script.

    But there are non-casing characters in casing scripts, e.g. Cyrillic
    palochka, apostrophes etc used as letters in some scripts, and arguably
    German sharp S.

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