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Date: Wed Feb 16 2005 - 09:27:53 CST

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    On 16/02/2005 14:10, Werner LEMBERG wrote:

    >>Just across a street from here, there is a travel agency, having a
    >>rather huge sign across their windows: "Preßburg reisen" - in all
    >>capitals, with ß being rather styled and blocky, so that it somewhat
    >>fits the font style used. [...]
    >Using `ß' within uppercase words is plain wrong -- the `Duden'
    >explicitly says (even for the new German orthography) that it has to
    >be replaced with `SS'. In seldom cases (`Masse' vs. `Maße') it should
    >be replaced with `SZ' to avoid ambiguity.
    Maybe, although I doubt if Duden has authority in Slovakia. But, more to
    the point, as is clearly shown in, and from even a brief
    visit to Germany, it is common usage to write "ß" in all upper case
    words. Indeed this was even found on the cover of the 1957 edition of
    "DER GROßE DUDEN" (see image in N2888), so Duden speaks with a forked
    tongue on this one. And Unicode is supposed to represent actual usage,
    whether or not it is officially recognised.

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