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From: Markus Scherer (
Date: Thu Feb 17 2005 - 12:06:24 CST

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    Patrick Andries wrote:
    > Antoine Leca a Úcrit :
    >>Am I alone thinking this looks like a font issue?
    > I would agree.
    > PRE▀BURG is the equivalent of small caps for me of Pre▀burg. I believe
    > Unicode does not regulate small caps forms...

    This is exactly what I see here and in the proposal that was presented last year. It's a lowercase ▀
      with a slightly modified glyph.

    I lived in Germany until after college. There was never any discussion of these uses of ▀ to be
    uppercase. I remember an article in the FAZ about the origins of the ▀ (about it being a ligature of
    long and short s, not s+z), and I am certain that that article did not mention an uppercase at all
    either. There was just nothing about that anywhere.

    It's lowercase, in the middle of uppercase letters if necessary.

    Much better for German writing: Since the rules for ▀ and ss have changed, and Swiss German does not
    use ▀ at all but only ss, and a good number of Germans are confused about when to use which - just
    change the Rechtschreibung once more and adopt the Swiss model. Out with the troublesome ligature.


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