Re: Uppercase variant of U+00DF LATIN SMALL LETTER SHARP S ("German sharp s", "ß")

From: Gerd Schumacher (
Date: Thu Feb 17 2005 - 17:55:53 CST

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    Some more remarks on the Eszett from the German point of view:

    In my opinion every single statement of Otto Stolze`s fairly comprehensive
    mail today is absolutely correct.

    Using the Eszett in capitalization is neither common sense nor is it allowed
    in the official orthography of the German speaking countries. It is still
    just a kind of double s, as it was used for example by Aldus Manutius 500
    years ago to print Latin.

    The typographers, who tried to introduce a capital Eszett, did not succeed.
    It is mainly a matter of orthography, not of typography.

    Of course, there are some false capital Eszetts in minor typesetting, but
    for sure most of them are produced by somewhat poorly literate people's text
    processors. I remember to have seen the first ones some 25 years ago, when
    digital typesetting was introduced. Possibly the situation is a bit
    different in the former GDR.

    I don't believe, a x-high small capital form was ever used. I haven't seen
    any at all. It would look odd enough, that I cannot imagine, that even
    those people, who use the Eszett in normal capitalization, would accept

    Encoding a capital Eszett would cause problems similar to encoding the A F
    as hex numbers, which also has been rejected for good reasons.


    ps.: What about a capital long s? ;-)

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