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Date: Mon Feb 21 2005 - 05:22:54 CST

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    On 20/02/2005 04:45, Simon Montagu wrote:

    > ...
    > Since this is a commercial logo, I would say it is out of scope for
    > Unicode.
    Thank you.

    I would think it debatable whether this is out of scope. A logo symbol
    is out of scope, I realise, but when a logo consists of individual
    Unicode characters, that may be a different matter. And what if AEG
    Israel wants to use this form as its company name in other contexts,
    even in an IDN?

    But actually this is a non-issue for Unicode. All of the characters
    required are already defined, with the correct properties. The combining
    vowel points are directionally neutral and so take the LTR direction of
    the base characters. As far as Unicode is concerned, the vowels are
    supposed (although not required) to be rendered below Latin base
    characters in the same way as below Hebrew base characters. But this
    doesn't work, at least on my system. See if it does on yours:


    So the problem is an implementation one, and potentially one for domain

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