Re: Codepoint Differentiation - Serbian t

Date: Sat Feb 26 2005 - 09:09:06 CST

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    > Couldn't [Serbian here] keyboard drivers generate a variation selector

    Yes, absolutely! That's the whole point.

    It's a worldwide interoperable standard.

    Every Serbian keyboard map on every computer in the world enters t + VS1 when
    the "t" key is hit.

    Every other Cyrillic keyboard map doesn't.

    All non-italic Cyrillic fonts -- and everything else in the world --
    completely ignores the VS1.

    Smart italic Cyrillic fonts swap in the Serbian Glyph if they see VS1. That's
    its only impact in the entire universe.

    (Other than making life a whole lot easier for millions of people.)


    Patrick Andries wrote:
    > Peter Constable a écrit :
    > >No negative impact? You want every Serbian user to have to enter
    > >variation selectors when they type a Cyrillic "t" so that it will
    > >display correctly if at some point it is set in italic? Or to remember
    > >to enter the variation selector if they format it in italics?
    > >
    > >
    > I'm not really interested in the Serbian case, but the more general
    > question.
    > Couldn't [Serbian here] keyboard drivers generate a variation selector
    > + key> if **need** be ?
    > P. A.

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