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From: Peter Constable (
Date: Wed Mar 02 2005 - 09:09:18 CST

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    > > By wise thinking, the encoding threshold in Unicode stops short of
    > > paleography; if it did not we would have to encode hundreds of
    > > paleographical variation sets ALONG WITH the hundreds and thousands
    > > other paleographical variation sets associated with the rest of the
    > > world's scripts.
    > I believe I have demonstrated that it can, very reasonably, be done at
    > least
    > for some script continuums.
    > In fact I will be doing it -- whether you like it or not -- with
    > Greek, simply by using multiple fonts.
    > It would be more convenient if I could store those multiple sets of
    > in
    > one font, and access them from a Web page somehow.

    Let's establish some expectations here. I have been giving you general
    information on things that are possible using Unicode or advanced font
    technologies, including the use of OpenType Language-System tags. Do not
    expect either Unicode or OpenType to be revised to support electronic
    textual representation of facsimiles of paleographic documents. Some
    things may be done to assist paleographers in their work, such as
    encoding new characters or scripts, defining some VS sequences or
    registering some new OT Language-System tags, but only within limits,
    and certainly not in response to an individual request.

    > > Besides, NO ONE can do paleography using computer fonts;

    Certainly not using only computer (or non-digital) fonts.

    Peter Constable

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