Re: Ambiguity and disunification

From: Curtis Clark (
Date: Thu Mar 03 2005 - 23:53:10 CST

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    on 2005-03-03 12:11 Peter Kirk wrote:
    > Actually, no, because this kind of context is a very poor guide in such
    > a case. Documents which have been edited by many different people could
    > very easily contain a mixture of hyphen/minus and hyphen, even when the
    > intended interpretation is always hyphen - especially because in this
    > case there is no visual distinction at all.
    > This situation is of course a hypothetical one.

    A real situation involves U+0022 ("), U+201C (), and U+201D (), all of
    which look the same in the Lucida Console I am using right now, and in
    many other fonts. I'm always running into text edited by multiple
    authors where all of these are present, the result of Microsoft Word
    doing "smart quotes", some people turning that off, and others using
    different editors. And this isn't even a case of intentional disambiguation.

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