Re: Bad Content-type headers on Unicode web site?

From: Elliotte Harold (
Date: Fri Mar 04 2005 - 13:23:08 CST

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    Erik van der Poel wrote:

    > There was one issue at around that time, though, where Netscape actually
    > *did* decide to tighten the parser. We went round and round in circles,
    > trying to decide, and we finally bit that bullet, and it worked. I
    > forget the issue, but I think it had something to do with quotes in HTML
    > attributes.

    At one point I remember you tightened up half-quoted attribute values;
    i.e. an attribute that had an opening quote but omitted the closing
    quote. That bit me pretty badly once, possibly to the point of costing a
    potential client.

    Elliotte Rusty Harold
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