Re: But E0000 Custom Language Tags Are Actually *Required* For Use By Unicode

Date: Sat Mar 05 2005 - 16:37:43 CST

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    > > Well incidentally, I wish I *could* use Unicode itself to store,
    > retrieve,
    > > transmit, and exchange an archaic-Greek-script-variant inscription, in
    > a
    > > unique way which both indicated its relation to, and variation from
    > the
    > > standard Greek script.
    > You can certainly do that. Define a markup language expressed in terms
    > of Unicode characters, and use that markup to accomplish whatsoever you
    > want that goes beyond the scope of Unicode.

    Huh? Isn't that back to something like E0000 tags??

    But also I do see an advantage (for some uses) to having the data identity at
    the codepoint-level -- it can never get lost, and you can search for one "Old
    Cretan Doric" letter on Google.


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