Re: Shades of Gray

Date: Sat Mar 05 2005 - 22:24:29 CST

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    Michael Everson wrote:

    > You should be less irritating. As usual I get to
    > be the one who says it, but you've pissed off all
    > the right people.

    I normally can understand the logic of at least part of what you say... or
    most of it, partly.

    So I am surprised to find in this case that every one of your points can be
    rebutted, most especially the curious remarks:

    > No. The two situations are not analogous. Early
    > Greek isn't a different language from Greek, not
    > in the same way as Russian and Serbian are

    Language? And:

    > Greek merchants use early Greek letterforms on
    > their signage even today, from time to time, for
    > effect, and I betcha a grilled octopus that they
    > represent their letterforms with -- imagine! --
    > *fonts*.

    That's called "ye olde look" typeface. If you like it, I've got a Latin font
    with funky letters styled to look "Hebrew" -- for you to publish your Bible
    in. And one that looks like wood shot through with bullets, to print your
    dissertation on dialectology of the American Old West.

    But none of that is really important.

    What matters is that I have been thoroughly reassured that every individual --
    in the handful of people who have accidentally stumbled into near-dictatorial
    control over something as monumental to all of humanity as the summation of
    5000 years of human writing development -- is a mature, un-opinionated,
    philosopher-king, with no sense of infallibility or self-importance, and
    famous for calm reflection and modesty.

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