RE: Unicode's Mandate

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Sat Mar 05 2005 - 22:36:25 CST

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    > From: Peter Kirk []

    > >>Are there glyph images that cannot be represented using TrueType
    > >>outlines? ...

    > Yes, there are if you allow for colour...

    I commented on that. You don't need extensibility (in the XML sense) for

    > Another class of glyph which I don't think TrueType could handle is a
    > fractal glyph, because this would require an infinite number of

    You still don't need *extensible* formats even for something as silly as

    > Also you seem to be implying flat surfaces. That is a real practical
    > limitation, because glyphs are regularly printed on curved surfaces,
    > such as on every egg sold in the UK.

    No, I did not assume flat surfaces. I explicitly stated surface, with no
    further explicit qualification; all that is assumed is a surface onto
    which Cartesian coordinates can be mapped. Anything more than that is
    just more silliness.

    Peter Constable

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