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Date: Mon Mar 07 2005 - 06:49:59 CST

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    At 07:34 -0800 2005-03-07, Patrick Andries wrote:

    >>Surely the problem is on the side of the people who made the decree
    >>without thinking of the processing consequences.
    >Ah, but this is what the user community decided...

    Is it, indeed.

    I assume that your comment is intended to be ironic, because you
    disagree with the Copticists about their requirement that all of the
    letters their script be casing, and with the N'Ko about their
    requirement to retain a distinction between some "old" and "new"
    letters, and their rejection of a unification of their
    script-specific diacritics with generic ones.

    It seems to me that both of those situations have to do with
    encoding; a "decree" that hyphenated family-names should no longer be
    spelled with hyphens but now with an en-dash or em-dash does not have
    to do with encoding. Nor do I suppose that the French people took a
    referendum on this issue, but I am sure that the French government
    will be sending out information packs to everyone with
    double-barrelled names instructing them on the proper typography they
    must use for their names.

    If your comment was intended to be ironic, it failed, because the
    analogy was false.

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