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Date: Wed Mar 09 2005 - 20:17:02 CST

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    It is indeed possible to have a small implementation of NFC; one can make a
    very small one by trading speed against size, as per (the sizes are
    for an older version of Unicode, but wouldn't grow much).

    However, I have one concern; I think it was you who distributed a
    non-conformant BIDI implementation. Have you verified that your
    implementation below is conformant? In particular, does it pass the
    Normalization tests in the UCD, such as

    In particular, we have added tests for 4.0.1 that test cases exposed in PRI


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    > Elliotte Harold wrote:
    > > Currently my Java library (XOM) is dragging along a hefty chunk (344K)
    > > of IBM's open source ICU just to support one rarely invoked method that
    > > converts strings into NFC. I'd like to get rid of that. Given the nature
    > > of my application it is more important to me to be able to eliminate the
    > > extra jar file and its size, than it is to have the fastest, most
    > > intelligent NFC algorithm.
    > Check out I have a Java class
    > provides composition, decomposition, character types and combining class
    > Compiled, the class is about 14K. With the four relevant compiled data
    > it comes to about 88K total.
    > You would have to provide the NFC routine on top of this.
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