Re: Serbian-Latin "sh" alias and ISO-639-1 within CLDR

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Mon Mar 14 2005 - 20:08:14 CST

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    At 18:00 -0800 2005-03-14, Mark Davis wrote:
    >Let me try this one more time. "sh" was fairly widely used to stand for
    >Serbian written in Latin.

    Where? When? By whom?

    "sh" was used to tag tens or hundreds of thousands of books worldwide
    in "Serbo-Croatian", which means Serbian or Croatian, in Latin or
    Cyrillic, for DECADES. There are far more many examples of hr-Latn
    and sr-Cyrl that were tagged as sh than there are either of hr-Cyrl
    or sr-Latin.

    >We do not defend that usage, but for backwards compatibility we've
    >maintained it in CLDR. Our recommendation, as I have stated, is to
    >use sr-Latn instead of "sh" for that usage.

    That particular recommendation seems to have little to do with reality.

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