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Date: Tue Mar 22 2005 - 07:53:35 CST

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    Please let me quickly re-phrase that, and very quickly!

    A team I belong to having only recently finished translating Firefox,
    I'm grateful to Doug
    for the smiles his reference (below) raised here in Dublin. Is there
    anywhere a concise online summary of Alan Cooper's rules, or any
    reference to comments by A.C. (if any) re handling tags intended for
    purely linguistic or cultural purposes?
    With best wishes to all reading lists Unicode and Moz for Easter,

    Scríobh Doug Ewell:
    > Mark Davis <mark dot davis at jtcsv dot com> wrote:
    > > Note: you may get one or more warnings from your browser that a script
    > > is running slowly. (Firefox gives the very misleading message: "Do you
    > > want to abort the script? [OK] [Cancel]", where OK means "No, I
    > > don't want to abort", and Cancel means "Yes, I do want to abort".)
    > Great. This is even worse than the Alan Cooper classic:
    > "Do you want to cancel this reservation?"
    > [ OK ] [ Cancel ]
    > (Alan Cooper is the original designer of Visual Basic and the author of
    > "About Face: The Essentials of User Interface Design," which every
    > developer of UIs should read even if they don't agree with a single
    > thing he says.)
    > Every dialog box that asks a yes/no question should have Yes and No
    > buttons, *never* OK and Cancel.
    > -Doug Ewell

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