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From: Mark Davis (
Date: Thu Mar 24 2005 - 11:42:53 CST

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    I agree, in general. Allowing the ROOK chess symbol is not likely to cause
    any problem.

    However, doing a full sweep for confusability is a bit daunting; look at all
    the characters on idn-chars.html (you are welcome to start now ;-). So
    people are proposing at least as an interim step, to reduce the likelyhood
    of problems by excluding non-required characters.


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    > It seems to me that the right approach is to focus on confusable sets,
    > not on 'bad characters'.
    > Further, that the implication of a confusable set ought to be on the
    > question of what domains (and such) you can register, not what
    > characters you can use.
    > Once person A has registered a domain using a member of a confusable
    > set, that should preclude other registrations in the set, just as you
    > can't register two domains that differ by a case distinction.

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