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From: Patrick Andries (patrick.andries@xcential.com)
Date: Fri Mar 25 2005 - 03:44:45 CST

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    Chris Jacobs a écrit :
    Because apostrophes (middle dots, etc.)  are relatively rare in English
    ? Far rarer than in French or, « worse », in  Navaho where a single
    caseless sign may distinguish two distinct words  [tsin = tree, ts'in =
    Reminds me of some pun I read somewhere:
    A: "I am one of the directors wives."
    B: "I would not care even if you were the directors only wive."
    It is still true that the apostrophe has variable frequency across languages and in English it is not very frequent and therefore its suppression for « security » reasons is relatively unimportant. Here is the frequency of apostrophe in a comparable text (the Gospel of John) :

    German 0
    Spanish 0
    English 172
    French 1020
    Haitian Creole 1367
    Italian 21
    Danish 13
    Latin 0

    (Source :  Jacques André, Unicode et la ponctuation, ATALA, Paris, 22 novembre 2003).

    P. A.

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