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Date: Tue Mar 29 2005 - 10:29:53 CST

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    On 29/03/2005 09:43, Arcane Jill wrote:

    > Thanks, that agrees with what Tim Partridge said.
    > But no, the '#' symbol is not used in that context in Britain. Hey -
    > we went metric a long time ago! ...

    I wish we had done properly! We still use miles rather than km for
    general purposes, and some shops sell milk by the pint and others by the
    litre etc.

    But this must be a rare case where we are more metric than the
    Canadians: paper weights are always quoted in gsm = grams per square metre.


    > From: John Hudson []
    > ...
    > In North America, # is used as a symbol for pound in the paper
    > industry, e.g. '70# text'
    > or '80# cover'. This is a weight designation. I don't know if this is
    > also used in the UK
    > or elsewhere.

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