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From: Philippe VERDY (
Date: Fri Apr 01 2005 - 15:08:24 CST

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    Underlining of superscripts for abbreviation final marks is not mandatory in French; it's jjust a common (but not universal) style.
    So use N<sup>o</sup> or N<sup><u>o</u></sup> as you want...
    Same thing for the plural: N<sup>os</sup> or N<sup><u>os</u></sup>
    It is also acceptable to find "no." and "nos." (the dot is the standard default abbreviation mark in French).

    De : "Patrick Andries" <>
    > The NUMERO SIGN is defined as having the compatibility decomposition
    > <compat> 004E 006F
    > so it is effectively a separately coded variant of the
    > two-character string "No". Superscripting is not implied, and in fact
    > many glyphs for the numero sign do not have the "o" as superscript,
    > though a little bit above the baseline (and underlined and in small
    > size).

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