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    >My technical answers will be sent in reply to original subject tag.
    >This is to discuss the historicity of Aytham. Your openion on this
    >matter sounds speculative.

    My opinion on this matter is based on the known history of Brahmic writing.

    >Tamil and Sinthu (Sindu) writing system had very close relationship
    >in ancient Indian history. No such things as Grantha nor Sanskrit
    >existed at that time.

    The Tamil script did not predate Tamil Grantha.

    >Sindu has it's histric evidence to show that Phonemic and Graphemic
    >hybrids were the system of that time. You can trace the traces of
    >charactershapes of Indic languages to Sindu/Harapa times.

    The Brahmic scripts do not derive from the Indus script, if this is
    what you mean by Harappan.

    >There came a system Alphabet based PHONEMIC. That was Tamil. The new
    >arrival Grantha insisted on moving from Alphabet based Phonemic to
    >Phonemic only system. This is the results of present day
    >descrepencies. This happened to Aytham too. Tamil kept the simple
    >and sophisticated Aytham. Grantha moved on with complicated and
    >possibly sophisticated "all of them".

    This is anachronistic invention on your part.

    >As for consonants and vowels, Grantha misses many phonemes in
    >everyday use, but gives great emphasis for the selected phonemes
    >while Tamil has vast pool of Phonemes in everyday use with minimal
    >alphabet based on phonemes. (See an example
    > ).

    Apparently this is some sort of proposal for Tamil script reform. The
    use of the cedilla with Tamil letters is rather disturbing.

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