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Date: Sun Apr 03 2005 - 17:04:01 CST

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    At 15:35 -0700 2005-04-03, John Hudson wrote:
    >Michael Everson wrote:
    >>Certainly. By encoding these as unique letter consonants we ensure
    >>that vowel matras will follow them, and we avoid any confusion
    >>caused by the application of an additional character. That is, BBA
    >>+ U = BBU, which is simple, whereas if it were BA + IMP + U = BBU,
    >>there would be the possibility of incorrectly writing BA + U + IMP.
    >>That is "less simple" than just encoding four letters. Plus the
    >>mark interacts with the base consonant; cf Latin barred t, d, l,
    >>etc. So this proposal is analogous to existing practice in the
    >>Implosive consonants are rare, for one. IPA gives symbols for five
    >>of them, four of which are used in Sindhi (BBA 0253, DDDA 0257, GGA
    >>0260, JJA 0284). The one which isn't is the voiced uvular implosive
    >>(029B). Devanagari doesn't have a symbol for the voiced uvular stop
    >>(0262) either.
    >>The IPA Handbook gives Mam (a Mayan language) as using the voiced
    >>uvular implosive.
    >Thanks for the response, Michael. I'm not convinced of a *need* for
    >processing simplicity given the example in the first paragraph
    >above: ensuring correct character ordering is something that one has
    >to do for Devanagari anyway.

    There is no cause for us to add to its complexity. In any case not
    only could BA + IMP + U or BA + U + IMP occur and cause confusion,
    but IMP could be confused with ANUDATTA, and there's no reason to
    permit that.

    >However, your other points are reasonable and, with this additional
    >information, I'm happy to support the four characters as proposed.

    Thank you. As usual, I just see a cumulation of reasons all leading
    to the same point; I don't weight the arguments against each other. I
    see no argument *for* encoding a combining implosive mark.

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