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From: John Hudson (
Date: Mon Apr 04 2005 - 04:53:00 CST

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    Thomas Milo wrote:

    > Unfortunately, the Unicode Consortium, by rejecting IJ/ij as a character and
    > deferring its correct handling to other, obviously incompetent bodies, it
    > threw out the baby with the bathwater

    But IJ/ij *are* characters in Unicode. They have codepoints. They are part of the
    standard. When you use these characters in e-mail, Thomas, they show up fine in my
    Unicode-savvy mail program. As far as I can tell, Unicode have done their bit.

    But these characters don't seem to be in use by many Dutch people. Several Dutch
    typographers to whom I've mentioned the IJ/ij characters in Unicode have simply told me
    'Oh, we don't use those. We just use the I and J characters.'

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