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From: Chris Jacobs (
Date: Mon Apr 04 2005 - 12:06:54 CST

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    > 1. With my current font, the character+macron is a single character and
    > I can thus represent it with a single keystroke. To combine the letters
    > m, n, e, o with a macron using unicode, I must use a combining macron,
    > thus 2 glyphs. This is cumbersome. Is this really the only answer or
    > have I missed something?

    You can have a single keystroke for character+marcon and also a single glyph
    for character+macron even when character+marcon are two unicode codepoints.

    For the keystroke, the programmable keyboards of
    can do it. And I think they are not the only ones, any other modern
    programmable keyboard you find can probably do it too.

    The glyph is more of a problem. You'll need the ligaturing options of open
    type fonts. But those are in Windows 98 not well supported yet.
    But that will be better in latter versions of Windows.

    > 2. This is slightly more significant. The macron over an 'm' is placed
    > to the right, not centrally and doesn't look quite right. BUT much more
    > significantly, the biggest problem I have is with upper case letters. A
    > macron looks absolutely fine over a vowel. BUT with the upper case
    > consonants M and N, when combined with a macron, the macron is placed,
    > not over the letter, but cutting through the top on the right hand side.
    > This is horrible and obviously not acceptable for the language's
    > orthography. Is there anything I can do about this?

    When you have open type ligaturing working then copy the glyphs from your
    current font to an open type font and define them there to be ligatures.

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