Re: U+2212 (Minus Sign) and Java's ISO-2022-JP conversion

From: Frank Yung-Fong Tang (
Date: Mon Apr 04 2005 - 13:24:27 CST

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    On Apr 2, 2005 5:06 AM, Katsuhiko Momoi <> wrote:

    > >Use UTF-8. Seriously.
    > Indeed. If only we could change national mail encoding (de facto)
    > standards overnight!

    Maybe you should suggest Erik van der Poel to announce the withdraw
    of his RFC 1468 in April 1, 2006,[ folllowing what Kenneth did for
    Unicode last week]. Make sure to remind him that the announce should
    be translated into Japanese and klingon and send out the mail in 4/1
    of Japanese timezone......

    It will be nice if D. Goldsmith can withdraw the UTF-7 RFC first .....

    > - Kat
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    > Katsuhiko Momoi

    Frank Yung-Fong Tang
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