RE: Macrons

From: David J. Perry (
Date: Tue Apr 05 2005 - 07:51:26 CST

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    Word 2003 (and Publisher 2003, I am told, but cannot say from
    experience) use a private, updated version of Uniscribe, which is why
    combining marks work in Word 2003 but no earlier version. Service pack
    2 of WinXP also provides an updated Uniscribe, which is why combining
    marks work in Notepad if you have updated your system.
    > Fine, although one of the 'clever' things in Word is that at
    > least there I
    > can enter any character I want, but in Notepad how does one
    > enter M+macron ?
    You have to copy and paste from Word, or use CharacterMap (BMP
    characters only) or Andrew West's BabelMap; or create your own keyboard
    with Microsoft's Keyboard Layout Creator.

    David Perry

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