Re: Malayalam Zero - an error?

From: Josef W. Segur (
Date: Wed Apr 06 2005 - 20:17:37 CST

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    On 6 Apr 2005 at 17:33, N. Ganesan wrote:

    > If the claim is correct, the glyph for Zero
    > need to be changed. That's all.

    All of the code charts say in the Fonts section: "The shapes of the
    reference glyphs used in these code charts are not prescriptive."

    There are two Malayalam fonts at
    <URL: >,
    "ThoolikaTraditionalUnicode" and "ThoolikaUnicode". The first has
    the open round o form of the glyph, the second is similar to the
    code chart.

    Other scripts have different fonts representing styles used in various
    times and places, why should Malayalam be any different?


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