Re: Malayalam Zero - an error

From: N. Ganesan (
Date: Thu Apr 07 2005 - 04:29:00 CST

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    In both Tamil and Malayalam, zero was introduced in 19th century.
    Now for decades both states in India use the common Hindu-Arabic numbers. Kerala
    govt. has actually advised not to use these numbers,

    Looking at Tamil 1/2 sign, what is given for Malayalam looks similar also.
    So, usage samples with the sign shown in Unicode codechart - is it 0 or 1/2
    have to be checked.

    Since the majority use in Malayalam, in any case,
    is zero (o) only as in all other Indian languages,
    full round form 0 will have to be given in the codechart.

    More later (have written to Malayalam prof.s)
    N. Ganesan

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