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From: Dean Snyder (
Date: Thu Apr 07 2005 - 18:16:49 CST

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    Kenneth Whistler wrote at 11:06 AM on Thursday, April 7, 2005:

    >> Then, I simply do not understand why Ken would say that the chances are
    >> "next to zero" that the UTC would correct a possible Malayalam zero error
    >> in the charts "along the lines that Philippe has suggested" (namely
    >> changing the glyph).
    >Because that wasn't all that Philippe suggested.

    Phillipe discussed 2 scenarios, one involving the possibility of an ISCII
    legacy issue, the other not. He clearly CLOSED his discussion of the
    issue by saying, "SO [emphasis added] your comment rather suggests the
    addition of U+0D70 MALAYALAM DIGIT ONE HALF... with the glyph currently
    shown for MALAYALAM DIGIT ZERO, this glyph being corrected on the chart
    (this would minimize the impact because no other character properties
    would need to be changed)..."

    But you just brushed off his suggestions (lumping them all together) as
    of zero viability.

    >> then the existing character on U+0D66 and
    >> named "MALAYALAM DIGIT ZERO" can't be removed,
    >> but a usage notice can be
    >> added in the chart if it actually designates one half.
    >Wouldn't happen.
    >> If there's such an
    >> error, then the error comes from ISCII.
    >Incorrect speculation.

    Can you elaborate?

    Are you saying that, if this is indeed a mistake, it is a UTC one - and
    one made in the face of all those checks you mentioned in your previous email?

    >> Then another character would be needed to represent the Malalayam digit
    >> (U+0D65 or U+0D70 ?)
    >Wouldn't happen.

    Of course, but that is not what Philippe ends up suggesting, so why waste
    time reacting to it?

    >Philippe's *other* suggestions, regarding the alternative approach
    >of modifying the glyph for U+0D66, are reasonable, if the
    >committees come to a consensus that such a glyph change is

    You make no such acknowledgment in your first email - you just brush it
    all off.

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