Re: Malayalam Zero - an error

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Sat Apr 09 2005 - 10:22:18 CST

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    From: "Antoine Leca" <>
    > Philippe Verdy wrote:
    >> If ISCII is right in its encoding (which assumes that all scripts can
    >> share the same bytecode for the same decimal digit),
    > What could be wrong here?
    > (And what could be done, particularly on this forum?)

    I rechecked the ISCII standard for Malalayam, and particularly its document
    that tracks the proposed changes in Unicode related to this script:

    See that ISCII did not include any position for Tamil zero digit. So there's
    no error for Tamil, but ISCII really includes the one half glyph for
    inexistant Malayalam digit zero...
    So I fear that the ISCII standard is the source of this confusion.
    There's for now no tracking for a proposed change in ISCII about this issue,
    and the Indian member of Unicode should really speak about this issue with
    its national authority...

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