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Date: Sat Apr 09 2005 - 18:33:44 CST

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    > Philippe Verdy wrote:
    >>I rechecked the ISCII standard for Malalayam,
    > The URLs you have given, are not ISCII at all. They are actually
    > Unicode proposals, and so they refer to what is in Unicode, and not
    > ISCII, code chart.
    > In fact, Unicode 4.1 does not follow ISCII-1991. ISCII-1988 is what is
    > followed in Unicode 1.0
    > from which Unicode has changed much as far as Indic scripts are
    > concerned. See Antoine Leca's earlier message explaining that the bug
    > in the glyph, U+0D66 has nothing to do with ISCII.
    > [Begin quote]
    > Philippe Verdy wrote:
    >> If there's such an error, then the error comes from ISCII.
    > I guess not.
    > AFAIK, ISCII does not show, much less prescribe, the shape
    > for the script variants of the digits. Only the traditional
    > forms for Devanagari are showed.
    > [End quote]
    >> If there's such an error, then the error comes from ISCII
    > Not really.
    >>and particularly its document
    >>that tracks the proposed changes in Unicode related to this script:
    > Good that Tamil, closely allied script to Malayalam is mentioned. Even
    > tho' the proposed changes document does not show Tamil digit zero, it
    > neatly shows up as U+0BE6 in unicode 4.1. Similarly to fix the bug in
    > the U+0D66, Unicode needs to use a glyph similar to, say, tamil or
    > kannada or telugu digit zero.
    > Tried to read this URL
    > Because the name of the concerned language itself is in error,
    > correcting it to the real language, Malayalam shows the Unicode code
    > chart.
    >>See that ISCII did not include any position for
    >>Tamil zero digit. So there's no error for Tamil,
    >>but ISCII really includes the one half glyph for
    >>inexistant Malayalam digit zero...
    > According to Leca's message, ISCII does not prescribe the glyph for
    > neither Malayalam nor Tamil. Then, error in U+D066 is due to Unicode
    > code chart.
    > The simplest way to solve this problem is to change the representative
    > glyph for Zero digit in U+0D66 in accord with digit zero all Indian
    > languages including Malayalam printed books.
    > I'm afraid that the transitional period of using what is 0.5 as zero
    > (0) in Malayalam
    > publications have in all likelihood, never existed. This is due to the
    > strentgth of native Malayalam mathematics, see Kerala mathematicians'
    > contributions
    > Eg., Gregorys' series is now Madhava-Gregory series because Madhava
    > was the first to formulate the series solution few centuries earlier.
    > N. Ganesan

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