Re: Malayalam Zero - an error

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Mon Apr 11 2005 - 12:38:01 CST

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    Philippe Verdy wrote:
    > I note that in Windows, the Regional settings include a selection for
    > Malayalam digits (they are part of the default settings for the
    > Malayalam locale):

    Just refresh my knowledge please: How many Malayali are using it? Since

    > - Digit substitution mode:
    > - "inactive" by default (keep ASCII digits).


    > - currency unit: (MALAYALAM LETTER KA and NBSP)

    BTW, _this_ is surprising.

    > So there may already exist LOTS of Malaylam documents created under
    > Windows (including emails with Outlook Express, Word and Excel
    > documents) showing the one-half glyph for digit 0, in dates, currency
    > amounts...

    Please hold on a second (I would say "Ąpara el carro!" instead).

    First, if you were using Word (or KSpread or whatever), and the current date
    were printed as 11/˝4/2˝˝5, what would you do?
    I for once will certainly drop ASAP this clearly buggy l10n system/font and
    stick to international digits. So much for the "LOTS", "tons" etc.

    Then, assuming you have a font where U+0D66 is represented with a circle,

    > (see how 2005 is rendered after the local month name: it shows the
    > horizontal bar with left curl, i.e. the one-half glyph).

    May I point out that what it shows for you may be different for many people?
    Actually, if you post this to the Internet, the VAST majority will see...

    > - a [...] widely used "modern" Malayalam positional decimal
    > system

    I see no such thing. Rather the contrary.

    Which is probably the basic reason why the bad glyph escaped to attention of
    the reviewers till now.

    Or alternatively the rarety of it opened the path to two different,
    concurrent, glyphs to represent 0 in Malayalam positional decimal systems (I
    do not believe in this hypothesis, but for the moment I do not have material
    to discard it entirelly.)


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