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Date: Mon Apr 11 2005 - 13:45:05 CST

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    > OK, but the proposed new glyph is a vertical oval, and other references
    > indicate that it should be an horizontal oval (or circle) very similar to
    > See the other email with the alternate proposal PDF that includes
    > bibliographic references and book hardcopies.
    > Also it includes the proposal for number 10,100,1000 like in Tamil

    That's right..!

    The chillezhuthu "o" and number "0" (or tamil suzhi/sunnam from where the
    Siddhantic word sunya originated..?)

    are pretty much similar in shape and size....

    But.. as you see.. those (differences) PDF and hard copy evidences are
    purely font and format related...

    As an adage goes… The Devils and Angels are in the Details and
    Architecture... Right..?

    0 (zero) O (the capital letter/uppercase) changes it shape.. (horizontal
    oval or circle ) from one font to another...

    e.g. : Eurostile regular; all the OCR fonts A Extended; B MT; a II
    Latha - condensed and extra condensed.. and so on....

    Well.. as a matter of fact... It was the European missionaries brought..

    the first printing presses in/to India (in the latter part of 16th century
    it self)

    and the first book to be printed as a Bible in Tamil.

    It was one Bartholomew Ziegenbalg of Halle mission - Germany (1682-1719)
    translated and printed.. part of the Holy Bible.. at the mission's press at
    Tranquebar (Tharangambadi..?)

    even long before William Carey (18 cent.) Arumuga navalar, et al.

    India's very own sunnam/suzhi was clearly impressed and imprinted as zero..

    in that first ever printed early Tamil edition in India or South Asia.

    If you (and the esteemed members of the list <or> any other 'appropriate'
    forum) would like additional information on that..

    I'd be happy to request a PDF/photocopy or other reproduction of those
    pages...from the original sources..

    Until then.. let's not speculate otherwise <or> ‘reinvent’ the zero here


    Poopathi S. Manickam

    Seattle.. WA

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