Re: k with stroke?

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Thu Apr 14 2005 - 13:30:08 CST

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    Isn't the use of overlay combining marks deprecated, as Unicode already
    accepts the addition of "combined" characters?

    Which kind of stroke is used?
    - oblique slash or horizontal bar, as both are used across letter 'o', in
    Nordic or African languages?
    - if horizontal across the long vertical stem like 't', or across the legs
    like barred 'r' ?
    - if oblique, across the stem like 'l' with stroke in Polish, or across the
    right leg like the Rx symbol?


    From: "Donald Z. Osborn" <>
    > Just out of curiosity, and without a clear notion of its form, this
    > character is
    > not something that can be produced with a combining diacritic? TIA... Don
    > Quoting Michael Everson <>:
    >> At 20:21 +1000 2005-04-14, vlad wrote:
    >> >Has a 'Latin letter K with stroke' character been proposed to
    >> >Unicode before?
    >> It is in the works for medievalist use.

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