Re: Unicode lexer

From: Hans Aberg (
Date: Wed Apr 20 2005 - 18:49:11 CST

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    At 16:50 -0700 2005/04/20, Tex Texin wrote:
    > > More advanced Unicode support might involve support for recognizing
    >> common Unicode character classes. For example, one might want to
    >> recognize letters, so that one can easily admit identifiers using
    >> letters.
    >> --
    >> Hans Aberg
    >We would want to make use of the character classes and in general follow
    >UAX 31.
    >Anyone have experience good or bad with the UAX 31 model?

    With the method I indicated, one breaks down the Unicode character
    class into a series of intervals. The problem is really how to
    automate it, as doing it by hand probably is tedious. You might, in
    the end, get an awesome regular expression; I do not know if there
    are limits to that in a program like Flex.

       Hans Aberg

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