Re: Unicode Bloopers

From: Hans Aberg (
Date: Thu Apr 21 2005 - 10:50:11 CST

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    At 13:55 +0200 2005/04/21, Otto Stolz wrote:
    >Hans Aberg schrieb:
    >>In math, changing styles usually changes the math semantics,
    >>because it is used to indicate different logical objects. For
    >>example, "sin" in plain or boldface would mean different things, as
    >>opposed to say the natural language English, where the semantics is
    >>the same word "sin". Now, in computer code, the semantics does not
    >>change either, styles are only used to make the code more legible.
    >>For example, a computer language would not accept "sin" in both
    >>plain and boldface, and assign different meanings to the two words.
    >This is not entirely true. There are (or rather: used to be) at least
    >two computer languages that distinguish between plain and boldface words,
    >viz. Algol 60 and Algol 68.

    Actually, this is remarked also on
    <>. It means that a faithful ALGOL
    implementation can now be done using Unicode, thanks to that the
    latter now have mathematical semantic style. In fact, very
    interesting. :-)

       Hans Aberg

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