Re: String name and Character Name

From: Andrew C. West (
Date: Fri Apr 22 2005 - 07:13:52 CST

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    On Fri, 22 Apr 2005 11:32:32 +0100, "Arcane Jill" wrote:
    > Peter has been on this list for much, much longer than I have, and I suspect
    > has read TUS many times over and probably backwards as well, so I'm not even
    > sure why you asked that question.

    Hmm, maybe it only seems that Peter has been an almost daily feature of our
    lives for many many years. In fact Jill first posted to this list on 8th August
    2003, and Peter Kirk first posted to the list on 6th July 2003, so there really
    isn't that much between you, unless Peter was a silent lurker for a long time
    ... but then again I don't think Peter is the silent lurking type ;)

    Andrew (posting since 7th August 2002)

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