CLDR 1.3 Beta now available

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Fri Apr 22 2005 - 11:07:49 CST

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    The 1.3 version of CLDR is now at at beta status, and available via

    The new features include addition of data for timezones, UN M.49 regions,
    POSIX-format data, LDML metadata, language/script/territory mappings, new
    tests, and various other fixes and additions of data, and many extensions
    to the specification. A new survey tool is being used to vet the additions
    of data.

    We encourage people to look at the data and provide feedback, especially
    on the new POSIX-format data and the changes in the specification. For
    details on accessing CLDR data, see

    NOTE: Feedback should *not* be provided via the online Unicode forms;
    instead, use

    If you wish to discuss issues on the Unicode mail list, then please use
    the following link to subscribe (if necessary). Please be aware that
    discussion comments on the Unicode mail list are not automatically recorded
    as input to the CLDR Technical Committee. You must use the reporting link
    above to generate comments for consideration by the CLDR-TC.

    This is Public Review Issue #67.

            Rick McGowan
            Unicode, Inc.

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