Re: String name and Character Name

From: Marcin 'Qrczak' Kowalczyk (
Date: Sat Apr 23 2005 - 13:24:28 CST

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    Hans Aberg <> writes:

    > The limit of number of Unicode code points is due to design flaw
    > in the UTF-16 encoding, where the engineers who did it failed to
    > properly separate the notions of character numbers and integer-to-binary
    > encoding. If one makes that separation, it is easy to extend the
    > ranges to even to infinity, if one so likes.

    My orthography for Polish can consume an infinite number of characters
    if I treat it like Hangul was treated and encode precomposed characters
    individually. Ok, I'm taking all odd numbers, so even ones are left
    for other scripts :-)


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