Re: String name and Character Name

From: Otto Stolz (
Date: Mon Apr 25 2005 - 07:09:23 CST

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    Hello all,

    let me summarize the issues in this whole thread, as I see them:

    - Character names are unique and stable.

    - Most characters names are apt to characterize the character,
       in some way (usage) or the other (appearance).

    - Some character names contain typos, are misnomers, not universally
       understood, or even debated on. For these, TUS provides alias names.

    - Aliases are informative and may be updated.

    - Some contributers to this threat have pleaded for deprecating the
       character names, altogether; this amounts to throwing out the baby
       with the bathwater. Remember: the overwhelming portion of the
       character names is just fine.

    - TUS 16.1 suggests to implementors presenting the aliases together
       with the character names, in user interfaces. I deem this a viable
       solution for user interfaces in English. It would be even more useful
       providing the user with all anotations from chapter 16, and possibly
       even more information on their respective usage (e. g. the character
       class from the Unicode Character Database, ur usage hints from TUS
       6 through 15).

    - For localized user interfaces, a semi-official list of localized
       character names would be useful; CLDR is the obvious place for
       this kind of information.

    I think that this thread should now come to an end, as not much more
    useful things can be said about this topic (not counting suggestions
    for particular aliases or annotations). I'll try and abstain from
    further contributions to this thread.

    Best wishes,
        Otto Stolz

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