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Date: Wed Apr 27 2005 - 03:22:53 CST

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    On 27/04/2005 02:07, John Hudson wrote:

    > ... I took Ken to mean, very simply, that the UTC neither recommends
    > for nor recommends against the use of Unicode character names in user
    > interfaces, which is hardly surprising since user interfaces fall well
    > outside the mandate of the UTC. ... If the names are not, in fact,
    > ideal for such purposes, blame UI developers, not the UTC, who are
    > perfectly justified in 'sitting on the fence', as you put it. I'm sure
    > they occupy a similar position with regard to the price of tea in China.
    Fair enough, John and also Peter. The UTC are within their rights to sit
    on the fence, although I don't think this is helpful to users who are
    confused. Also, the statement which Otto quoted from TUS 16.1 suggests
    to me that the UTC is taking a position, but an incomplete and confusing
    one, on what is suitable for user interfaces. So I will follow Asmus'
    latest advice and make a formal proposal.

    But let me bring this back into the context of the discussion. Otto had
    written the following:

    > I understand Asmus's claims, and TUS 16.1, thusly:
    > - The character names proper are meant as unique and immutable
    > identifiers.
    > - The character names plus the annotations (particularly the aliases) are
    > suitable for a user interface.

    In other words, he was understanding Asmus and TUS as making a positive
    recommendation that "The character names plus the annotations
    (particularly the aliases) are suitable for a user interface". My
    response to that was that he is incorrect, because Asmus specifically
    made no such recommendation - in fact his recommendation seemed to me to
    be against this. And I mentioned Ken because he also made no
    recommendation for this - and also of course none against it. Therefore,
    if Otto and others wish to use character names plus annotations in a
    user interface, they cannot claim that they are following TUS or UTC

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